white-vomit said: If you could pick any superpower what would it be?

Telekinesis for sure

They make sugar free candy—some of it’s not too bad (really, I’ve tried the russell stover’s chocolate coconut creams—theyre good)—however I think if you have a lot of it it can upset your stomach.

Would I just find that at any old store or..?

Just sucks cause it isn’t only artificial sugar I need to cut, its ALL sugar.. Even fruit naturally has sugar in it. Bah

Cutting sugar out of my diet is harder than I thought it would be.. I’d kill for a chocolate bar right now

Anonymous said: How come if I ask for asks, all I get is a bunch of Weiner's in my ask box? What's your secret dear heather?

I couldn’t tell ya, m’dear

Anonymous said: you are super great i wish we could be pen pals or some shit except i'm a grey face cos i'm too lame to talk to you ha ok sorry bye.


Anonymous said: What are your thought on, mayonnaise?

It’s lovely and great on toast. No breakfast sandwich is complete without it

Anonymous said: Are you in to surf goth guys? Aw, I can't fucking do it I'm anoning it.

What kinda guys I’m into is rather foggy 

wanteddead11 said: Any embarrassing/awkward dating/sex moments you'd like to share?

I once got a nose bleed during sex, conveniently while I was on top.. and it was a pretty gnarly bleed 


no-eternity said: Hi Heather! How are you? My question is: Do you ever use skype? And I know this may be rude, but how old are you? Sorry if that offends.

I’m just chiiiiillin’ 

I only use skype if a friend of mine who lives far away wants to. I have used it other times though, for instance, when a follower really wanted to be schooled on drawing their brows on

Nothing offensive about asking my age! All I will say is I am above the age of 21 and am below the age of 30 ;P 

Bored - questions, pleaaase, nothing is off limits

Clayton’s Red Sunset Venus Flytrap



oooh i want it
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